Saturday, July 02, 2022


The aerospace and defense industries accept AS/EN 9100 as a means of improving quality and on-time delivery within their supply chain. Safety and reliability demands of the industry drive the need for product quality to approach near perfection. It appears that the only way to go towards perfection is to work through continuous improvement. AS/EN 9100 quality management systems is an important tool providing continius improvement covering the exclusive requirements for the abovementioned industries. Therefore, AS/EN 9100 certification is a sign of acceptability that helps to demonstrate the quality standards to customers. Certification to AS/EN 9100 is associated with the following benefits:

  • One voice, minimized variation, shared resources, reduced duplication and waste
  • Focus on the complete supply chain and stakeholders
  • True global aerospace cooperation and harmonization
  • Higher quality products at reduced cost
  • Fewer and customer-tailored documentations
  • System for Third Party approval
  • Shared supplier database
  • Recognition by Regulatory Authorities
  • Open sharing of “Best Practices”
  • Networking with quality directors
  • Rapid consensus & deployment