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This standard defines requirements for the preparation, execution and reporting of the audit process for AS/EN 9100 series management systems. This standard is mandatory to use for AS/EN 9100 series management systems audits. Certification bodies and auditors are obliged to realize the audits in accordance with the requirements given in the standard.

Additionally, it defines the conformity and process effectiveness to the AS/EN 9100-series standards, the organization quality management system documentation, and customer/regulatory requirements.

This standard had been used as a checklist up to the issue of AS/EN 9100:2009 (C) and then this feature was cancelled.

2009/C version was driving undesirable results because of its adverse effects on process approach, focusing the auditor on completing the checklist and wasting auditing time. In addition, it was not in aline with the AS/EN 9100:2009 and ISO 17021 regarding certification stage one and two audit approach.

2010/D revision was completely rewritten to incorporate the AS/EN 9100:2009 changes to emphasize the process approach, shifting energies from completing the questionnaires to determining and documenting conformity and process effectiveness, and providing useful information to stakeholders concerning process performance and history .

2010/D revision was upraded to latest applicable 2014/E version to provide reporting improvement and measurement of process performance.

Important changes has been initiated through the current and applicable 2014/E revision. Key Performance Indicators, planned activities and results definitions have been incorporated into the latest revision. Objective Evidence Record (OER) reporting was cancelled by allowing the utilization of QMS Process Matrix and Process Effectiveness Evaluation Report (PEAR) for evidence recording. Process performance measurement (in between 1 & 4) has been initiated by means of Process Evaluation Matrix as per planned activities and planned results outputs given in the PEAR.