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Curriculum Vitae

image003 Halük Cem MÜFTÜOĞLU
ADDRESS Piyade Sokak 18/10 Çankaya 06540 ANKARA
GSM 0 532 486 62 20
E-MAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

BIRTHDAY, PLACE 15 Şubat 1963, Ankara
MARITAL STATUS Evli, 2 Çocuklu (1995 ve 1998)

01.04.2005 – BiLCE Management Consultancy Services Trade Inc., Ankara
Position/Title Managing Partner/CEO
  Lead Auditor of AS/EN 9100 and Integrated Lead Auditor of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Management Systems.

3rd party auditing on behalf of Certification Bodies and free lance training and consultancy services have been provided for AS 9100C quality management systems.

Professional management system activities have been initiated in Jun. 2005 under the Integrated Quality/Environment/OHSAS Lead Auditor competence.

Competence development was diverted into AS/EN 9100 Aerospace/Defense Quality Managment System in 2009 and this process was completed as the Turkey’s first approved international AS/EN 9100 Aerospace Experienced Auditor in Jan. 2011 (PROBITAS ID No: 1619032258; OASIS No: 6132107309).

Auditing activities in Turkey (including main Turkish and international aerospace and defence contractors of TAI, TEI, Aselsan, Havelsan), Europe (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Nederlands, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, Malta, Portugal, Russian Federation) and USA and free lance training and consultancy services have been carried-on since Jan. 2011.

Witness audits on behalf of BSI & BV and UKAS via BSI & BV were successfully conducted and completed under the withness of aforementioned bodies’ experts without “Action Mandatory”, “Require Evidence to UKAS” or “Action Recommended” in Mar. 2014, Oct. 2014, Dec.2014 & Dec.2015, respectively.

11.10.2002 – 31.03.2005 POLAR GRUP, Space Technologies and Communication Systems Industry Trade Inc., Ankara
Position/Title Managing Partner/Deputy General Manager
Duties Management of Civil, Defense and Space Industry Programmes
  • Design project management for munitions released by aircraft
  • Management and coordination of the:
  • Consultant for SPACEAN fair & exhibition;
  • Founder shareholder of Eurimage (QuickBird Satellite Images & Products) Reseller Company (Karuzel) in Turkey
  • Representing Rosoboronexport / Russian Federation (Defense), ElitStroy / Russian Federation (Construction), Steel Products / Ukraine (Steel Products) in Turkey.
  • 01.05.2002 – 10.10.2002 INTA, Inta Defense Industry and Trade Inc., Ankara
    Position/Title Deputy Program Manager

    Management of a Defense and Space Industry Program.

    A Space System Proposal was submitted to Turkish Ministry of Defense (“MOD”).

    17.09.1990 – 30.04.2002 ROKETSAN, Roketsan Missiles Industries Inc., Elmadag/Ankara
    01.01.1997 – 30.04.2002 Fuze Department
    Position/Title Chief Engineer/Fuze Project Manager

    Leading a Team of 1 Mechanical Engineer, 1 Electric/Electronic Engineer and 3 Technicians, for the following items:

    • Feasibility Study, Project Management, Product Development &  Design, Assembly Line Facilitation, Start-up and Serial Production for 122mm & 107mm Rocket Impact Fuzes;
    • Project Management for the 122mm Rocket Proximity Fuze Development Program with Israel;
    • Business Development, Feasibility Study and Contract Preparation for various Fuzes;
    • Feasibility Study and Project Management of the Technology Transfer “Project of Ammonium Perchlorare Production (AP);
    • Business Development and Feasibility Study of 7.65mm Pistol and Air-Bag Projects.
    26.08.1994 – 31.12.1996 Production Department
    Position/Title Engineer/Propellant Production Engineer

    Leading a Team of 12 Technicians, for the following items:

    • Motor Case Preparation, Propellant Production and Casting for 122 & 107mm Rockets and Stinger Missile.
    17.09.1990 – 25.08.1994 Programs Department
    Position/Title Engineer/Project Engineer
    • Project Coordination of the Technology Transfer Project of Composite Propellant Line from ARC/USA;
    • Project Coordination for Common European Priority Area (CEPA) Research & Development Projects of Composite Material Repair on Aircraft and Composite Motor Case Development.
    05.07.1988 – 29.08.1990 SISECAM, Turkish Glass and Glassware Company, Istanbul
    Position/Title Project and Technical Services Department, Engineer/Project Engineer
    • Project Coordination, Installation and Start-up for the Technology Transfer Project of Float Line for Flat Glass Production from Pilkington/England;
    • Preliminary Design for Soda-ash Production Project from Trona.
    • Project Engineering for Cold Repair of Glass Melting Furnaces;
    31.07.1987 – 31.07.1988   Turkish General Staff Headquarters, Ankara Medical and Health Division
    Position/Title 2nd Lieutenant/Computer Programmer

    Software Development, Writing and Application for Turkish Armed Forces Hospitals and Hospital Services by COBOL.
    (Basic Training was completed between 13.04.1987-31.07.1987)

    27.08.1984 – 31.03.1987 TUPRAS, Turkish Petroleum Refineries Co., Kocaeli, Engineering and Economical Research Group
    Position/Title Engineer/Process & Project Engineer

    for various refineries;

    • Preliminary Design, Feasibility Study, Contract Preparation activities for Waste Heat Recovery from Stack Gas, Capacity Increase of Lube-oil Production, Waste Condensate Recovery and Waste Water Treatment, Contract Preparation for Hydro cracking & Hydrogen Production projects.

    1980 - 1984  Middle East Technical University, BS in Chemical Engineering
    1979 - 1980  Middle East Technical University, English Preparatory School
    1976 - 1979 Ankara (Girl) High School, Science Division

    Language Good Command of English
    Computer Experienced on Windows and MS OFFICE Applications
    Driving Licences B

      2015, ISO 9001:2015 Transition Training and Examination, 10hrs, Exemplar Global College, online
      2014, IAQG Sanctioned AS9101E/9101:2014 Revision Training, 6hrs, online
      2012, IAQG PEAR and NCR Commentary, 4hr, online
      2012, Manufacturing of Composite Part and Metal Bonding Parts (2 days), Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), Ankara/Turkey
      2011, Effective Presentation Techniques, 2 days, METU Alumni Association Ankara/Turkey
      2011, AS 9100:2009 Sanctioned Aerospace Auditor Transition Training (AATT) and Examinations (4 days), online.
      2010, Training for the Trainers (3 days), Ankara/Turkey
      2009, AS/EN9100:2009 (Rev C) AQMS Foundation Course Includes AS/EN9100:2004 (Rev B) (2 days, Course approved under the auspices of the ASCS by the SBAC (Society of British Aerospace Companies), TEC Transnational, Birmingham/England
      2009, Management of Hazardous Chemicals Symposium (2 days), Chamber of Chemical Engineers, Ankara/Turkey
      2007, OHSAS 18001:1999 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Lead Auditor Certificate, (5 days, IRCA Approved), BSI Eurasia, İstanbul/Turkey
      2005, Process Management and Determination of Critical Processes Training for two days by Bureau Veritas Ankara/Turkey
      2005, Strategic Planning Training for two days by METU Alumni Association Ankara/Turkey
      2005, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems Lead Auditor Certificate (5 days, IEMA Approved), BSI Eurasia, Istanbul/Turkey
      2005, ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems Lead Auditor Certificate (5 days, IRCA Approved), SGS Supervise, Istanbul/Turkey
      2002, Certificate Program in Advanced Management Studies, 330hr, (Intensive MBA Program) Middle East Technical University/Business Administration, Ankara/Turkey
      2001, Self-Esteem Enhancement Training, 5 Days, Atolye Tempo, Personal Development & Progress Center, Ankara/Turkey
      2001, Intensive Communication Effectiveness Training, 12 Days, Atolye Tempo, Personal Development & Progress Center, Ankara/Turkey
      1998, AQAP 110 Quality Assurance Course, 3 Days, Roketsan, Missiles Industries Inc., Elmadag/Ankara/Turkey
      1998, Total Quality Management Course, 2 Days, Roketsan, Missiles Industries Inc., Elmadag/Ankara/Turkey
      1992, System Engineering Course, 2 Weeks, US Army Management Collage, JUSMMAT, Ankara/Turkey
      1985, Project Evaluation and Improvement seminar, 10 Weeks, Government Investment Bank (Eximbank), Ankara/Turkey
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