Saturday, July 02, 2022


Certification is planned and realized for 3 years period. First audit which is called as certification audit is performed in 2 stages followed by 1st surveillance audit after 1 year and 2nd surveillance audit after 2 years. Same cycle after completion of 3 years is reccured as recertification audit.

  1. Certification, Stage 1 Audit

    Organization’s main QMS infrastructure, documentation and two main activities of internal audits and management review are reviewed during this audit to evaluate if the organization is ready to proceed to 2nd stage.

  2. Certification, Stage 2 Audit

    It is a comprehensive audit to evaluate the functioning performance of all processes against to the determined requirements.

  3. Surveillance Audit

    These are the audits following the certification and recertification audits after 1 year and 2 years as per audit plans covering the quality management system processes partialy. Whole quality management system is completely audited once more by the completion 1st and 2nd surveillance audits.

  4. Re-certification audit

    This is an audit, within the scope of certification stage 2 audit, performed after the completion of 3 years cycle composed of certification, 1st and 2nd surveillance audits. This is the start up of a new 3 years cycle.

  5. (If necessary) Follow-up Audit

    This is an audit to close out the nonconformities or performed as per customer feed backs received over the OASIS.


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