Saturday, July 02, 2022


A basic training on AS/EN 9100:2016 standard explaining additional requirements onto ISO 9001:2015.
Training of internal auditors to be assigned for the organization’s internal auditing to control the complience to AS/EN 9100:2016 requirements.  
A consecutive training package of Basic Training and Internal Auditor Training.
Auditing under the basis of AS/EN 9100:2016 requiements to determine the current status of organization, and reporting the deviating points from AS/EN 9100:2016, the areas to be improved and to be considered for improvement.  
An internal audit to be performed on behalf of the organization and reported to verify the compliance to AS/EN 9100:2016 requirements.  
It is an entire package of planned and systematic services for preparation of main infrastructure, setting-up, comissioning, operating and maintaining sustainabilty of AS/EN 9100:2016 management system subject to AS/EN 9100:2016 [re]certification audit. Setting up service which consists of gap analysis, basic trainig, internal auditor taining, internal audit includes post-audit supports for the areas need corrections and/or corrective actions.