Saturday, July 02, 2022


On June 6, 1999 in Madrid, Spain, Working Group 11 of ISO TC20 approved the international aerospace quality standard for publication.

First release in October 1999 was followed by 2001/A revision and 2004/B revision to provide harmonization with ISO 9001:2000 structure and to define additional aerospace requirements.

AS/EN 9100 was upgraded to 2009/C revision in January 2009 to adapt the ISO 9001:2008 changes and also to include the defense sector.

The latest 2016/D revision of the standard was published in September 2016 to keep the same line with ISO 9001:2015 which has considerable structural and content changes and to define the up to date aerospace/defense requirements.

All audits shall be performed in accordance with AS/EN 9100:2016 version by June 2017 and all AS/EN 9100:2009 version cerificates shall no longer be valid by September 2018.